Benchmarking & Cost Analysis

If you are spending millions of dollars or tens of millions with a particular vendor it is imperative that you understand your peer-group and what pricing is relevant and offered in your particular size company. It is also important to know what larger entities are doing and pricing they are obtaining so we have targets to strive for during negotiation. Having accurate and timely benchmarking data prior to any negotiation puts you in the drivers seat! Let us arm you with the necessary data!


Negotiation Support

The vendors create all types of licensing strategies to complicate negotiations and pad their profits. No matter if it’s an Enterprise, SaaS, Per-Seat, Support-only, or any other licensing structure, we ensure you obtain the optimal balance of pricing, terms and conditions, rebates and other vendor concessions. We leverage personnel who have worked on the vendor pricing and deal structure teams so we have the requisite market knowledge, analytics, and inside information on how far finance deal teams can go in a negotiation. Software licensing is complex and varies widely by vendor. Vendors more actively police companies who are violating license agreements now more than ever. If you are out-of-compliance, there are strategies we employ to negotiate those penalties away. There is more than one way to skin the cat, we must know them all for your benefit.


Licensing, Optimization & Compliance

Most companies use 40%-60% of the software licenses they pay for. Understanding usage patterns, having the right tools in place to capture license purchases, and optimization of the two is always critically important, not simply at time of renewal. Implementing a best practices approach for software audit allows you the power of having data at your disposal when engaging with the vendors. Many times customers are put in a position to defend themselves after receiving a vendor audit report showing non-compliance. We can easily structure a program where you will know what you own, what you utilize, how best to optimize and remain in compliance. You want to have the information at your disposal prior to the vendor making a claim for non-compliance. When you are armed with actionable data, it disarms the vendors, and you benefit!